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Welcome to Wholepromise where I create and share plant based recipes that reflect my wholesome and balanced approach to cooking, eating and sharing food.   

My name is Sherilyn and I am a wife, mother of two boys and lover of farmer’s markets, photography, cooking and good food. Professionally I am a Fertility Nurse, Certified Health Counsellor and Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education and Wellbeing. 

In my spare time I love nothing more than playing with my camera.  My cooking endeavours in the kitchen are my favourite thing to capture, probably because food doesn’t talk back and sits still longer (well sometimes) than my boys. At this stage photography is a hobby and is certainly something I would love to develop to a professional capacity.  If only there were a few extra hours in the day – sigh!  For now, I will continue to use my husband’s shed (which I don’t think he likes sharing) to indulge my creative spirit and capture my cooking efforts to share here.

A lot of people ask me where I find the inspiration to cook.  Certainly living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia helps, given that our climate allows for year round access to farmers markets.  But, it’s my personal health, family and relationship with food that inspires me the most.  A happy childhood full of memories on a family farm taught me to appreciate the flavours of the earth.  It also taught me to value what it means to share a meal with family and friends made from what nature provided us.  I can still picture the big table and hear the stories that made us sometimes laugh until we cried – it was family at its best! 

By making the time to share my love of cooking (and eating) using locally grown, seasonal and organic produce where possible, I like to think that I share the knowledge to potentially build a healthier community.  But of no greater priority are the two mouths I feed – my boys.  If I can instil in them the value of cooking and eating good food grown locally and produced thoughtfully then I will be one happy mama – provided their school grades are good as well. 

Hearing from my readers gives me a little buzz – just knowing that people actually visit here is pretty exciting.  So if you have a question or just want to say hi then please do so by emailing sherilyn[dot]palmer[at]hotmail[dot][com]

Sherilyn xx



 ** Please note that all photos on Wholepromise are by Sherilyn Palmer. I love sharing so just ask if you would like to use an image or recipe.  Providing a link back to the original source 
would also be kindly appreciated as well - with thanks :)

Sherilyn xx

The information provided within this blog is general information intended for educational purposes only and does not take into consideration individual circumstances.  Based on this it is highly recommended that you take responsibility for your own health care and consult with your personal physician or other qualified health professional before making any changes based on the contents within.  

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Hey There, I’m Sherilyn the creator of Wholepromise. This is where I venture outside of being a mum, wife and Fertility Nurse Specialist. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia and am spoilt by year round access to Farmers Markets offering a plethora of local, seasonal and organic produce. In all Wholepromise is my style of food, it’s the food I want my boys to appreciate and it’s the food that makes me happy. Styling and photographing it is just another bonus.


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All photos on Wholepromise are by Sherilyn Palmer. If you would like to use one then please ask and provide a link back to the original source - with thanks :)