Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spelt Fillo Pastry

I attempted to make my own Fillo Pastry by following the advice of Theo Kalogeracos. I was given his book sometime ago and i have made reference to it a few times to date. On this occasion it was for his version of Fillo Pastry and whilst I don't think I got it to standard of Theo in terms of thinness I think I did ok for my first ever attempt. It was challenging to get it paper thin without question and I was tempted to put it through the pasta maker but i resisted however I think you could do so quite easily and get a good result. Keeping it the right shape was challenging as a result. Theo does clearly acknowledge this in his instructions - "it takes a lot of practice and its not as simple as rolling ordinary pastry" In other words he says "you don't become Super Yaya overnight!" Ain't that the truth. None the less I can say I have attempted it and will do so again as it was enjoyed immensely in the form of Spanakopita and also with the knowledge that it was made from spelt flour. Would do it all over again for sure.

Fillo Pastry
adapted from Theo Kalogeracos
approx 6 sheets

500g spelt four (white or wholemeal)
25ml white wine vinegar
50ml cold pressed virgin olive oil
1 tspn fine sea salt
300ml cold water
1 tblspn butter
1 - 2 cups extra flour for dusting

Combine all the ingredients (except the dusting flour) in a bowl and mix until it comes together
Knead for 10mins or until a smooth dough ball is formed
Roll the dough ball in extra flour, place in a clean bowl, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for an hour
Remove the dough from the fridge and cut in six even pieces
Knead each piece into a ball
Sprinkle dusting flour over the bench and start rolling one ball at a time using a rolling pin
Roll the dough out one way and, when it is thin, turn it clockwise and roll it the other way
Repeat rolling until the dough is as thin as paper
Place each sheet to one side to air dry and lightly dust both sides with extra flour

I am generally not very good at sticking to a recipe and the above spanakopita is just another example. Whilst I used the Food Safari recipe as a guide I amped up the nutmeg to my liking and cooked off the spinach mix beforehand to save the risk of a soggy wet spanakopita. I also added some roasted artichokes for something to try. In addition to this I didn't brush my sheets of fillo with butter rather preferring to use egg as a wash to ensure a golden finish.
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