Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy Lead - Chlorella, Chilli Roasted Pumpkin and Fresh Strawberries on Ricotta

This week we took a healthy lead from Sarah over at My New Roots. For anyone out there that hasn't come across this blog you should as it is an amazing resource for anyone interested in health and nutrition. I often pass it onto my fertility patients as a resource given the extent of wonderful nutritional knowledge they could benefit from.

Sarah's last post "Green Dream Chlorella Cream" struck a chord with me and I admit my curiosity got the better of me. So much so I hot footed it to the health food store and purchased a bottle of the named Chlorella.


Well as I mentioned, Sarah gives an amazingly detailed post over on her site that I totally recommend reading for the ins and outs but essentially - Chlorella is a green alga or pond scum as Sarah light heartedly refers that offers a comprehensive list of health promoting benefits for just about every body system and every person which is pretty cool!

We tried it and we liked it (boys included). It certainly helps that it is mixed with honey and tahini as per Sarah's suggestion (see recipe here). To date we have prepared it in two ways - firstly as a snack on chilli roasted pumpkin and secondly for breakfast drizzled over fruit toast, ricotta and fresh strawberries.

I believe for some people it can be a little hard on the digestive system so the recommendation is to go slow at the outset and work your way toward using more. Who knows you may even like it like it.

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  1. Love learning new things! Your photos are great!

  2. There is a bottled juice drink from Whole Foods that I like to pick up when I think about it. I can't remember the brand but its in their juice section. I know it has this Chlorela in it. It is a sickly green color and needs to be shaken before pouring. However, it tastes like apple juice!! I remember learning about it on Jill McKeith's British TV program "You are what you eat". Thanks for this information!! The photos are wonderful.

  3. I've had Chlorella in smoothies but have never ventured further than that up until this point. I have to admit you have me curious about incorporating it more into my diet.

  4. I've heard of this but haven't yet started using it myself. I'll have to look for it next time I'm shopping!

  5. Thanks for the blog link, it looks great! Chlorella is fantastic.
    Heidi xo


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