Friday, September 9, 2011

Seriously Good - Raw Walnut Macaroons

Next time your in need of something to satisfy your sweet tooth consider these as an alternative. The natural and whole ingredients are satisfying and nourishing in comparison to the refined and processed options on the market. Pop them in the lunchbox or take them along for morning tea at the office for some sweet goodness. Just make sure you don't eat the lot of them on your own....

Raw Walnut Macaroons
Makes approx 10 - 12 small macaroons

!/2 cup walnuts
1 cup organic shredded coconut
6 organic Medjool Dates
1/2 medium size banana

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor or high powered blender
Pulse until ingredients are combined, but not pureed
Remove mixture from food processor
Using your hands shape into your desired shape (rounds balls, flat discs) and place on a tray
Refrigerate for 30 mins or until firm and eat...........
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  1. Those looks so tasty...and chewy!

  2. What a great healthy dessert/snack to have with tea!

  3. Mmmmmmm! Love walnuts, love coconut, love dates, love bananas ...

    what's not to love about these?

  4. Gor.geous! I'm giddy just looking at it.

  5. Anonymous9/9/11

    Your macarons look wonderfully decadent! Love walnuts and with our many trees, I can certainly add them to some macarons!

  6. Wow! Great minds do think a like - used the same ingredients in my 'coconut & banana loaf' porridge. Yummy. Will be making these macaroons today. Makes a nice mini sweet treat.

  7. Good stuff - thanks for a sugar fix that's actually a good idea. I added a bit of sesame seeds because I used a whole small banana. They came out lovely!

    ~ P.S. Just found your blog and will be by again VERY soon! Nice photography, some easy treats to choose from, and food that makes my body and wallet happy (i.e. I don't have to get any odd, new ingredients I probably won't use elsewhere!).

  8. Anonymous11/9/11

    Yummy and healthy, two thumbs up!

  9. Yum! I can't believe these are in the not-so-bad-for-you category, they look so decadent.

  10. They sound like a perfect treat! Yes, I love walnuts ;-)


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