Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kids are Snacking On............

Sneak sneaky with the greens but they are none the wiser and the added natural peanut butter tends to round out any unusual flavours.   Kids brains and nervous systems are built on fat so there is no shying away from good fats in our household.  Almond milk is a good base for smoothies and pairs well with many fruits.  Check out another favourite combination here and for homemade almond milk venture to this recent post for how to instructions.  You can buy almond milk at most health food stores however they tend to be more water than almonds and may also contain synthetic vitamins.  Organic full fat cows milk is just as good here as a substitute.  For anyone living on the Sunshine Coast I should add that Nude Food Organics at Kawana grind natural peanut butter on site with no extra additives.  The above green smoothie serves 1 - 2 depending.  Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.

When it comes to berries any type will do.  When we eat good raspberries I daydream of owing a farm with acres and acres filled with berry bushes.  Red berries contain the phytochemicals: lycopene and anthocyanins.  Lycopene is a very potent antioxidant and helps protect against skin damage from sunlight [1]  Berries get a good wrap for their association toward reducing the risk of cancer, improving circulation and contribution toward helping reduce elevated cholesterol.  Be mindful of strawberries however as they make the dirty dozen list for one of most contaminated foods.  It is very important to therefore wash non organic strawberries thoroughly.  I generally do this by adding a spoon of cider vinegar or bicarb of soda to a tub of water.  There are of course commercial washes available on the market as well if you prefer.

Two litte piggies sharing some berry love!

What about some good quality full fat dairy. Growing children need yoghurt and I don't mean the cartoon packaged variety, I mean good whole milk organic yoghurt that you have to spoon out of a big tub.  Barambah offer a lovely creamy natural yoghurt that is easy to eat and not overly tart.  Organic full fat dairy products are a must on my shopping list.  Most commercial low fat and skim milk products are highly processed and can be difficult to digest which is largely due to milk solids that give a reduced fat milk product body [2] 

The boys favourite three ways to enjoy yoghurt at home and in their lunchbox: 

  Fresh date shredded (as pictured)
  Goji berries and sultanas
Blueberries (or any berry) with shredded coconut and a splash of pure vanilla extract

Spelt flour tends to be my preferred choice as a baking flour.   From my own observations, it behaves in a similar manner to wheat flour and tends to be easier to digest as well.  These days spelt flour is widely available in most supermarkets in either a whole or white spelt preparation.   We like to make pikelets regularly around here and i do like to add ground flaxseed to the mix for some added nutritional benefits.  Where ever I think I can sneak it in i do and to date I have had no complaints.  The above recipe makes approx one dozen.

To prepare the mix:

Combine all the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients
Mix with a hand held mixer and let the batter stand for 30 mins if you have time
Heat a medium size heavy based frypan and brush with some ghee
Drop tablespoons of mixture into the pan and wait for bubbles to appear on the surface then flip and cook other side for half a minute or until browned
Repeat with remaining mixture
Place cooked pikelets on a plate covered with foil to keep warm 

Top with natural yoghurt mixed with some vanilla extract and your fruit of choice.  

[1] Koch, M (2011), Laugh With Health, Renaissance Publishing, Australia
[2] Blereau, J (2010), Wholefood for Children, Murdoch Books, Australia
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  1. Yum. I can't get enough of homemade almond milk at the moment.

  2. Hey Emma - tell me about it. My two and half year old wakes up asking for it. I am an almond making machine.

  3. Anonymous27/10/11

    I <3 green smoothies :)

  4. You are such a great mommy. Those boys are beautiful! I learn so many things when I visit your blog! Its just wonderful!

  5. We make buckwheat pancakes and mix the buckwheat flour in with natural (homemade, yay!) yoghurt overnight. It has that delicious tang in the pancake which I just LOVE (and the children do too). Totally love that smoothies recipe, how fantastic are you?!


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