Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thankyou Santa Claus & A Raw Start to the Day

Hope you have all had a great xmas with your loved ones.  I have personally been enjoying the break and the company of my sister and her family who arrived from Melbourne last week.  I have also been enjoying my new chairs which I have Santa to thank for.   As part of a collection of items passed on from my late grandmother I decided for xmas to have two of her chairs recovered in textiles by  Clothfabric - have you heard of them? If not, they are a small independent company based in Sydney, Australia who like doing things the old fashioned way.  They screenprint by hand and use an array of natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton and linen which is naturally stylish.  Click here to find out more.   I only have one deliberation -  should I keep the arms of the chairs  the original colour as I have considered changing them?  Anyone got any thoughts?????  The fabric here is banksia.  I was instantly drawn to this print as I love this native plant for the same reason cloth do - its strength and resilience...  two amazing qualities that I respect and desire.   I think the end result was worth every penny and even more special is their individual status which I so openly love and admire.

  Continuing on the natural theme is our breakfast in recent days.  Raw Buckwheat!  Initially I was skeptical due to thoughts of a gritty palate but I was surprised to discover, not so.    The boys eat their serving with natural yoghurt + a drizzle of maple syrup and I prefer mine with almond milk, cinnamon & coconut. Add to it whatever you like to make it taste your way and consider this an easy way to add some raw goodness into your day and keep your tummy happy.  Click here for other ways with buckwheat if this one doesn't take your fancy.


    Raw Buckwheat with Almonds & Berries
    Serves 2

    1/2 cups buckwheat, soaked overnight
    1 Tbs Pumpkin Seeds, soaked overnight
    1 Tbs Sunflower Seeds, soaked overnight
    2 Tbs Almonds, soaked overnight

(click here for why you should soak)

    Serve with:

    1/2 - 2/3 cups blueberries, washed (or your choice of fruit)
    Splash of almond milk or a dollop of yoghurt
    Sprinkle of shredded coconut and cinnamon
    Add a drizzle of maple syrup if you like it a bit sweeter

    Place the buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds in separate bowls and fill each           
    with filtered water (up to three times as much as the ingredients) 
    Leave to soak overnight
    The following morning combine the buckwheat, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a sieve and rinse      
     under a running tap (use your fingers to move it around and remove any sticky residue) then put aside to drain
     Rinse the almonds in the same manner then chop roughly before adding to the rest of the mix
     Spoon into bowls and add a splash of almond milk, your choice of fruit and a sprinkle of shredded
     coconut and cinnamon

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  1. Anonymous28/12/11

    Easy & healthy eats are perfect for this time of the year :)

  2. Awesome chair, Sherilyn! You must have been very good last year ;)

  3. yum yum yum!! Love your recipes :)
    Heidi xo


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