Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strawberry and Fennel Juice

strawberry and fennel juice

strawberry and fennel juice

The mercury is starting to rise and on the weekend we welcomed the return of the juicer from the depths of the cupboard.  It was greeted by two cheering boys, a punnet of strawberries,  fennel and a few other bit and bobs.  I only got a mouthful of this thanks to two greedy boys who decided to help themselves whilst I was photographing but I have managed to make it again since.  I love it with lots of mint and on one occasion I added some lemon but as I always say make it your own - add more strawberries, bump up the apple for extra sweetness or downsize on the mint, if you wish, then savour and enjoy.

Strawberry and Fennel Juice
Serves 2 greedy boys in this instance

1 x 250gm punnet strawberries
1 large apple or 2 smalls
1/3 of a medium size fennel
1/2 lebanese cucumber
1 small zuchinni
a handful of mint leaves

Wash and prepare the above ingredients
 Juice according to your juicers instructions.
Then add some ice cubes for some chill factor.


strawberry and fennel juice

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  1. Wow, very unusual but sounds great. Cool that your boys like it!

  2. Wow, I can see how the two flavours would work so well together- yummo!

  3. That sounds like an excellent combination, I really enjoy juicing fennel.

  4. Great combination of strawberry and fennel..This juice looks so yummy and healthy..we will definitely try out..

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  7. The recipe of Strawberry syrup and Fennel Juice is quite amazing.you also provided the ingredients used in it for making the Strawberry and Fennel Juice at home


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