Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Finally Got Around To Making It - A Raw Lime Tart

I have had this on my list for some time now.  In fact there is a couple at our local farmers market who make and sell a version which is how I first discovered it.  The fact that it was delicious meant I couldn’t not know how to make this so I started to search the internet where I found quite a few to choose from.  Most of them seemed ok but I decided to go with one created by Robyn from Girl on Raw.  I became familiar with her work a little while ago via one of the Raw Cafes not far from us.  Also the fact that there is also an aussie connection probably swayed me as well.

Some points to note with this tart is that it needs to be sliced whilst frozen and taste as you go to ensure you create something to your palate.  Add more or less sweetener or lime juice as you desire.   The same applies to the dates in the base.  Just make sure it is sticking together nicely.  I also think some dried cranberries or sour cherries would make a nice addition to the base as well.  I garnished the tart with dehydrated limes because I could.  It just added something a little bit extra and I made double the recipe.  It was perfect for a 22cm springform pan.

serves 8 - 10

For the Base

½ cup almonds
½ sunflower seeds
½ cup pumpkin seeds
½ cup shredded coconut
10 pitted fresh dates (judge this as you go as to whether you require more or less)
6 Tbs coconut oil

Place all the ingredients into the bowl of a food processor with the S blade attached and whiz until crumbly and sticky
When happy with the consistency press the mixture into the base of a springform pan that has been lightly oil and lined with a piece of glad wrap
Place in the freezer whilst you attend to the filling

Tart Filling

4 ripe avocados ( i like the hass variety but any would be fine)
2/3 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
4 Tbs agave
4 Tbs coconut oil
1 tsp xantham gum

Place all the ingredients into a blender and whiz and smooth
Adjust the flavours to your palate
Pour the mixture into the springform pan
Place in the freezer until set (this may vary depending on freezer)

To serve:

Remove from the freezer10 mins prior to serving
Use the glad wrap to help with lifting it from the base of the springform tin
Slice using a wet knife

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