Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Local Eggs

Eggs - I sometimes wander what we would do in our household should we ever become allergic to them or unable to eat them. They have been the saving grace of many a meal put before us and our use of them is many.

Farmers markets have been around for a while now and I am ever so happy that there is one that has started not far from where we live and what makes me even happier is that the quality of some of the food on offer has been fantastic. Last night it was belting down with rain and all I could think about was "I hope i wake up and it is sunny in the morning". Why? Well the farmers markets were on this morning and I get this happy, excited anxious feeling that comes over me when it is time to go and if it were to be raining then I may not get especially when I have to drag a 2 year old and a 4.5 year old along. I would be devastated! Call me crazy but being able to buy from local farmers is important to me and I love every aspect associated with that.

So when I woke this morning, it was raining but I still loaded the kids in the car (in pjs mind you) and trudged through the mud with the pram, umbrellas and everything else known to man to seek out my supplies before the next shower came. I think one of my favourite stall holders would have to be rawganix farm eggs They are the most beautiful eggs I have come across in a while and are the result of poultry being pasture fed and in pens that are designed to be moved. Take a look at their website. They have some interesting business plans in the pipeline that I will be looking forward to reading more about as they evolve.
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