Monday, May 30, 2011

Handy Hubby and Some Very Yummy Almond Butter

My handy hubby is such a gem. For a while now I have wanted a blackboard in our kitchen and finally it has come to fruition and can I say that it has been a blessing with helping to occupy the boys when trying to get dinner on the table in the evening.

Almond Butter was requested today by my eldest. He loves it as a snack alongside crunchy apple slices and it is so simple to make yourself. Then as a little adaptation to the nut butter i had a thought and ended up scooping half the batch of freshly made almond butter into a separate jar and flavoured it with some orange juice and vanilla. To my suprise it was really GOOD! Now my mind has been working overtime with regards to other flavour considerations.

Basic Almond Butter
(makes approx 3/4 cups)

1 cup roast almonds
1/4 tspn sea salt (optional)

Roast almonds in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees celcius for 10 - 15 mins
Allow to cool slightly and add to a food processor or high speed blender
Process until you reached your desired consistency ( i like a bit of texture still in mine)
Add salt (if you desire) and stir to combine

Orange Sesame and Vanilla Almond Butter

1/2 cup almond butter
2 tbs orange juice
1 tbs tahini
1 tspn vanilla extract
1 1/2 tbs honey

Place almond butter in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients
Stir well to combine
Adjust flavours to your liking and enjoy!

Also i stumbled across the blog "heather eats almond butter" the other evening and i liked her suggestion for quick almond milk. Check it out here. Great for when you are pressed for time.
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  1. That's a cute blackboard and perfect for the kids! I love making my own nut butter and can't wait to try your version. Also love making almond, quinoa or rice milk - easy, tasty and much more affordable than the shop bought ones!

  2. What a cute idea to have the blackboard in the kitchen! I love this recipe and love that your son requested it!

  3. Wonderful macro photography! I am so glad you stopped by "Snippets" because I have definitely found a new blog to oogle over!

  4. I love the basic recipe here AND the jazzed up version. How fabulous! Gosh I adore almond butter. You've inspired me to make my own already!! So excited :) & I love the blackboard in the kitchen, mum has one similar - it's great!
    Heidi xo

  5. Thanks for coming to say hi! (You're now my blog of the week)

    I have a chalkboard painted on one of my kitchen walls ... full of recipe ideas and notes ... it's the greatest!! ;)

  6. This looks have a lovely blog...I am having a giveaway in my blog..Y dont you check and join that

  7. I love the blackboard, I've been dreaming about having my own for a while too... The little girl around here is very much into cooking and having her own "cafe" in the corner of the loungeroom, complete with porcelain mini plates and cups. She writes a menu card before every dinner time. This would make her day too...

    And I quite like the combination of flavours in the almond butter. I've ever only made plain peanut one, but this sounds so much better. Almost like a scented flourless cake!


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